Balmy Beach Community Day Care Centre (the Centre) was established in 1982 by a group of community parents, who saw the need for quality, affordable, non-profit child care within Balmy Beach Community School.

As a Licensed non-profit Child Care Centre, we operate under the Guidelines/Regulations of the City of Toronto’s Operating Criteria; Toronto Public Health Guidelines and the Provincial Child Care and Early Years Act, Ministry of Education.

Our Centre is a non-profit unionized organization, dedicated to providing high quality early learning and care. Our program is run by a team of dedicated Registered Early Childhood Educators and Assistants and is governed by a parent volunteer Board of Directors. Communication among children, parents, staff, school and community is vital to the smooth running of the Centre.

The children’s daily schedule is designed to provide time for individual creative expression, physical and cognitive development, social interaction, free play and relaxation.

Our high standards in curriculum planning (Emergent Curriculum guided by Ontario’s Early Learning for Every Child Today – ELECT) provide stimulating and developmentally appropriate challenges for the individual child in a safe, friendly, warm, caring, encouraging and bias-free environment. We believe that our program excels in meeting each child’s social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive needs.

Providing a positive, encouraging environment is an integral part of our program. Our Centre sees children as unique individuals, equal in human worth and dignity. Each child is entitled to love, respect and to self determination. Our democratic environment provides opportunities for the children to make decisions (choices), within limits, and to be accountable for those decisions (choices), thus developing into responsible children and in the future, into responsible adults.